Nowadays, it is difficult to come up with something innovative to revolutionize the world, but also to provide an intelligent solution to the current problems. Problems or, more precisely, customer’s needs are increasing, but the cause could be the inefficiency of previous solutions to the current issues.

We are passionate about any project we have. Dynamic, young, creative and well-organized team specialized in this field.

Imsotec Agentie Internet SRL offers a wide range of services such as website construction and optimization, German advertising concepts. We offer marketing strategies adapted to your company profile, we build and optimize, create and develop Internet applications according to the requirements of each customer.

Our offer includes solutions for:

B2B for romanian companies

Your company is settled in Romania and you need an internet presentation, you want to change your internet presentation or you want to expand into a german-speaking country? We offer over 20 years of experience in the German B2B-sector with native speakers both in Romania and Germany/Austria.

B2B for German-speaking companies in Romania

You are a German-speaking company and are searching for a business partner for your internet presentation in Romania? Talk to us, we will gladly help you in your endeavours.

B2B for companies from Germany / Austria and Switzerland

You are planning to establish a company in Romania or you already have done so and need an internet presentation? We will gladly introduce our professional services to you.

B2B for agencies

Especially for marketing and internet agencies from Germany and Austria, we offer very cost-efficient implementation of specified tasks, drafts or existing internet presentations. You choose your preferred language and communications, quotes, and services will be rendered in German, English, or Romanian as desired.


We will do our best to make your project a real success!